March 18, 2012

Fun With Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom.
Bam Bam is still very young and I want this to be really relaxed and fun.
It’s just a  way to help have a little focused time together and
hopefully to help foster a love of reading when he is older.
You can read more about ‘rowing’ books and some suggested activities
in the Before Five In A Row  manual.
I read the book several times throughout the week.
(Hard to get a picture of that)
We practiced and talked about getting dressed.
Bam Bam doesn’t show much interest in dressing himself yet.
I get him involved by letting him choose between two outfits.
I narrate each step and try to encourage him to do it himself.
So far if I ask him to - he will not
(this applies to pretty much everything these days, getting dressed, picking up toys, eating.…)
but sometimes when I’m not paying attention or
when he is super excited about getting in the bathtub he will undress himself.
We had bear pancakes for breakfast
ok, ok so they look more like a Mickey heads ;-(
use your imagination folks ;-)
It's not a tumor! ;-) It's an ear.
He liked 'em!
and brought it out a couple different times.

Sometimes we would just play, 
other times I would emphasize the words, mommy, daddy, bear, shirt, shorts…
Bam Bam isn’t talking much yet. 
so I’ve been trying to narrate everything 
and emphasize things have names to encourage him to try to speak more.
He had a bubble bath like Jesse Bear. .
I tried to show Bam Bam how to blow bubbles.
he needs more practice
but he still had a blast!
Looking for some free printables to go along with Jesse Bear? Take a look at these:
Jesse Bear Printables available at Homeschool Share
Weather Bear printable from Danielle's place
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